An efficient, effective and essential training program only construct the professional experience, so all the training modules are based on industrial oriented requirement. Furthermore we provide updated information to help them to enrich their skills which must be required for employment and advancement in the industries.

Campus Job Guarantee Program(JGP)

Industrial Orientated Campus Placement Training

Duration:3 Semesters (Prefinal year & Final Year)

Certificate Awarded:

  1. PG Diploma in Embedded Systems & Design
  2. PG Diploma in PHP& MySql
  3. Training Certificate in Realtime Industrial Electronics Practicals
  4. Training Certificate in Digital & Analog Electronics, PCB & Electronics circuit designing with Practical Applications.

JGP Training Module Details:

MOU for Industrial Knowledge Facilitator(IKF)

The following services will be provided to MOU Partners according to their request.

For MOU, College need not to pay any kind of payment to EXINTAR.

But Exintar will not bear any kind of activity's expenses which are directly or indirectly give benefits to the College or College's Goodwill or College's Development. Anyhow Rights & Limits reserved by EXINTAR.

Services rendering to MOU partners (including chargeable Services):

 1.Industrial Knowledge updates through seminars & workshops.
 2.Interaction with Industrial Experts.
 3.Special Training on Core Domain & Award Associate Diploma.
 4.Industrial Attachment Programs (Internships & In plant Training).
 5.Industrial Training & Placement
 6.Academic Project Assistance & Guidance (Industrial Orientated).
 7.Joint Venture Programs.
 8.Conducting Job fair on your venue.
 9.Preference to attain Job Fair.
10.Study, Survey, Research & development.


Said training graduates will gain confidence and higher morale.This will help them significantly in achieving their career goals and succeeding in this competitive professional world.
Moreover they will be placed for apprentice training in real-time under regular supervision of experts and skilled personnel.

It will be beneficial to the following disciplines

Engineering & Polytechnic Domains:
1.All Electrical & Electronics
3.Information Technology
4.Computer Science &
5.Medical Instrumentation


All our job orientation programs are tactical and strategic level. And covering wide range of Engineering  specializations for modern industrial requirements.

Training Program will support them to fill the knowledge gap between Academic Curriculum and Real Time Industrial Needs, Unique Benefits of this Orientation Program for :


On completion, Participants will be awarded with following certificates where it’s Pave the way to show their excellence of 1year experience in industrial knowledge while finishing their graduation.

PGDES ( Post Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems & Design)

Certificate of Knowledge Experience

Program increase their confidence level to face Job Interviews, being they will be taught all techniques.
Participants will be enough knowledge to fetch the job in any interviews.
Even Participants can apply for the job which requires 1-2years of Experience.
They will be gratitude to the college management to produce them as a performer.


Significant performance of your Student will pave us very good market value in the society.
Management in position to demonstrate the student’s caliber in campus interviews.
Management can ensure the recruiter that the students are in competence in their required domains.
With all these benefits we will aim to reach 100% placement

Above set, we ensure you that our training program will enrich your credibility and enlighten the Student’s acquaintance.

Highlights of the Job Orientation Program:

Holistic Approach according to their Environment, Education & Experience.
Experiential way of Schooling.
Macro Teaching.
Bilingual Method.
Following principles of Pragmatism.

Updated Knowledge in Industrial Technologies & Management.
Real working Experience while doing Graduation.
Feeling Industrial Environment & Sustain the pressure.
Confidence to manage Real Time Problems & find out Resolving Solutions.
Cultivating Professionalism & Subordination.
Self tuning towards self discipline.
Domain Name & Web Server Space will provide to each Candidate to upload their Profile, Projects & Performance for period of one year.
100% Placement Support in Core domains.

Our Unique Benefits:
1.Internship guidance
2.Project guidance
3.Orientation Facilities
4.Support Desk No: +91 422  4206721 & E-Box ID: askus@exintar.com for entire career life.
5.100% Placement Support
6.Experts interactions

Domain we Teach & Train

Companies hiring PHP Developers

  • shanta Shanta I Portal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Wings Wings IT Solutions
  • AJ Square AJ Square Inc.,
  • Sysvine Tech Sysvine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tenovia Solu Tenovia Solutions Pvt Ltd.,
  • Consign IT P Consign IT Private Limited
  • Expertus Inf Expertus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cloud Comput Cloud Computing Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ventuno Tech Ventuno Technologies
  • GlobalEnglis GlobalEnglish
  • Burgeon Tech Burgeon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Right Cons Right Cons
  • VerveMedia VerveMedia
  • Clinnovo Res Clinnovo Research Labs
  • Consim Info Consim Info Pvt. Ltd.
  • i-Net Soluti i-Net Solution
  • Advantix Tec Advantix Technologies
  • Murugappa Murugappa
  • Greynium Inf Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shriram Valu Shriram Value Services Private Limited
  • Softbridge S Softbridge Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Klio-Tech ( Klio-Tech (P) Ltd
  • W3 Solutions W3 Solutions
  • Olive Techno Olive Technology Limited
  • Virtual Labz Virtual Labz
  • Narola Infot Narola Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  • Arokia IT Pv Arokia IT Pvt Limited
  • Amulya Info Amulya Infotech India Pvt Ltd.

Companies hiring Embedded Design / Technical Engineer

  • S5 Systems S5 Systems
  • Optra System Optra Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Anil Printer Anil Printers Limited
  • Techpoint So Techpoint Solutions Inc
  • En Route Med En Route Media
  • SRM Technolo SRM Technologies Private Limited.
  • Rikken Instr Rikken Instrumentation Ltd.
  • Xilinx Xilinx
  • GainSpan Cor GainSpan Corporation
  • Marvell Marvell
  • Qualcomm Qualcomm
  • Broadcom Ind Broadcom India Private Ltd
  • Applied Digi Applied Digital Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zframez Tech Zframez Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Laird Techno Laird Technologies
  • Kiona Softwa Kiona Software Solution (P) Ltd
  • ABB Ltd ABB Ltd
  • Escon elevat Escon elevators
  • Embedded Sof Embedded Software Development System Pvt. Ltd.
  • Advent Globa Advent Global Solutions
  • ICONIX Techn ICONIX Technology Services
  • Electrolab Electrolab
  • LSI Corporat LSI Corporation
  • Iqura Techno Iqura Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Geometric Li Geometric Limited
  • Spectra Tech Spectra Technovision (India) Pvt. Ltd.