Greetings from Exintar (Experienceable Industrial Training & Recruiter)

Exintar gives you Recruitment Support for 100% free of cost.

(We do not have any branches or outsourced, hence please don't offer any Commercial or Monetary benefits to anyone using our name EXINTAR or Victory Vision)

Easiest way to recruit Skilled Fresher with 1 year of knowledge experience by Industrial Practical Training in below Specified Disciplines. Where your time, cost of recruitment & training will be reduced at greater extend.

EXINTAR is an initiative from Resources Enrichment Employer’s Forum of Coimbatore (REEFOC) on following juncture.

Our academic curriculums are vast where as industries require in specific area of expertise but Fresh Engineering Graduates are lack in practical exposures.

Hence EXINTAR has initiated an Industrial Required Practical Training in Engineering Colleges under Student Enrichment Programme (SEP).

80% hands-on practical Training has been adopted, according to current Industrial requirements & standards in Embedded Electronics and Web Applications (FOSS).

Unique Benefits of this Orientation Programme for Employer:

Our Training Program will support fresher to fill the knowledge gap between Academic Curriculum and Real Time Industrial Needs. 

1.   Employer need not to offer any monetary benefits either to the Collage or to the Exintar as any consultancy or training charges.

2.   Your requirement of Skilled fresher can be directly catered by us.

3.   Our Students will be demonstrating on your required domains rather than answering the Interview questions.

4.   If Employer can give us any particular requirement, we are able to train them exclusively on your requirement and do demonstration for your perusal.

5.   We provide candidates in 1:2 ratio (if required manpower is 2, we will present 4 candidates, where you can choose any two out of those).

6.   If Employer willing to facilitate us for Job Orientation, we can send candidates for “On Job Training” as part time for a month under our guidance, no monetary benefits are expected ( if candidates are in sales or sales related activity they will be deserved to get their incentives).  If you feel that the candidate will be suitable for your requirement after completion of the orientation, you can directly recruit them.

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